Colic Help

Sleeping Baby

After years of hands on experience with colicky babies and speaking to thousands of parents Australia-wide, we have come up with a list of the best techniques to help your baby. Coupled with Willby’s Herbal Remedy, your baby will enjoy less discomfort during day and night, giving your family the best chance to enjoy the first precious months together!

Some colic tips are:

  • Carrying. The motion of you carrying your baby is similar to that of pre-birth. We recommend positioning your baby chest down on your arm with the head supported in your hand. Support the baby with your other hand and walk around the house.
  • Burping. Allow for frequent burping throughout feeding.
  • Nutrition. Limit milk and other dairy and watch the coffee! There may be a connection between the consumption of some foods that transfer through the breast milk that causes colic. Other foods that may be wise to avoid are chocolate, bananas, oranges, strawberries and spicy foods.
  • Wrapping. Wrap the baby as snugly as possible, it offers a sense of protection and has been known to stop a colic episode!
  • We have also been told that the sound of a vacuum can also calm a colicky baby. Place your baby in a front pack and get to it. The sound probably will calm you both!
  • Warm the babies tummy with a heat pad set on low or a (warm) hot water bottle / wheat bag set between towels to avoid burns.
  • Swinging. Any motion devices seem to be very successful for parents, even if it’s just for a few minutes to eat your dinner before you resume settling.